Georges Lemaître – Monseigneur Big Bang


Georges Lemaître – Monseigneur Big Bang

With ATV-5 George Lemaitre launched to the ISS from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, ESA pays tribute to George Lemaitre, the Belgian cleric and professor who was the first to conceive the idea of a big bang.
The name of the man who proposed the prevailing ‘expansion’ theory on the beginning of the universe was proposed by Belgium’s delegation to ESA.
This video explains who was Georges Lemaitre and how he contributed to modern Cosmology. It includes an interview in English and French with Professor Dominique Lambert, Theoretical physics – University of Namur

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Priests, Deacons, and Religious of Science: Georges Lemaitre – Father of the “Big Bang”

One of the basic questions of science has a rather surprising answer: Who was the first scientist to put forward the Big Bang Theory?  Most would presume that it was either Albert Einstein or Edwin Hubble.  Instead, the correct answer is a Diocesan Priest from Belgium by the name of Monsignor Georges Lemaitre.  The “popular” narrative of the day is that faith and science are irreconcilable foes that are locked in a constant battle with one another.  Ignored are examples like Monsignor Lemaitre who, in his very person, represents a living example of why the popular narrative is in error.  Check out this ESA video for the basics of this priest/scientist. Read more here.

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