ayly Knightly is established to provide a communication platform for people who share a common interest in defending, proclaiming and evangelising the Word of Jesus Christ, His bride the Catholic Church, her teachings and sacred tradition.
Dayly Knightly is therefore for those who support the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, accepts the Pope as Christ’s bishop on Earth and accepts Catholic Church dogma.
Dayly Knightly recognises that we live in times of intense  ’spiritual warfare’, ideological colonisation of Church teachings, and a turning away from God not seen since the heresies faced by the early Church Fathers or the revolt led by Martin Luther.
With attacks on the Church, in particular from 

Militant Secular & Atheist Groups
Rampant Materialism
Religious Terrorism.
Fifth Columnists (Church infiltrators who weaken Church teachings)

In rallying with other like-minded personalities and groups, Dayly Knightly espouses to be a worthy military general of Christ seeking not only to  rebut attacks on the Catholic Church but equally to go on the offensive and spearhead counter-attacks where possible.

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